What do Wildlife Rehabilitators do with Opossums?

There are some situations when there is need to recue Pittsburgh opossums and when they need professional handling by wildlife rehabilitators. These situations are as follows:
• Baby Pennsylvania opossums are for some reason separated from their mother. This can happen when mother has been killed (by a human or animal)
• when baby falls off from mother's pouch
• when mother somehow gets separated from babies
• adult Pennsylvania opossum gets injured for any possible reason
• adult opossum gets trapped in a garbage bin or dumpster while looking for food

It has happened that mothers get hit by a car and babies stay in pouch, not being aware for some time that mother is dead. It can also happen in such situation or in similar ones that mother will somehow get separated from the babies, which will leave small ones confused and unprotected, dangerously weak and available for all perils. In such situations Pittsburgh wildlife rehabilitators have to act to save the babies from slow death or from becoming pray for predators that are everywhere around.

If you find babies without their mother, you should contact Pennsylvania wildlife rehabilitator to come. They will take over babies and to handle them as necessary. First thing will be to make them warm (if babies are still not capable to handle body temperature on their own) or feed them in the shelter for some time before they get strong enough to take care of themselves.

Adult Pittsburgh opossums are very strong, resilient and if you see one hurt it is definitely for some unexpected harm. Opossums trapped in garbage bins or dumpsters sometime can also need rehabilitator help, because they can dehydrate when they spend long time there. In such situations it is necessary to take them into shelter and to rehydrate them and to bring them back to healthy status.

Adult Pittsburgh opossums are very strong and dangerous and need special approach. They are fast and have very strong jaws with many sharp teeth that can bite of f chunks of flesh. This is why it is important to contact wildlife rehabilitator service as soon as you notice one, or if you trap one. If you find opossum, adult or a baby, it is important to contact Pennsylvania wildlife rehabilitator that will come to save it and take it to shelter where it will be handled as it is necessary for its condition and age.

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